Euro Travel Coach FAQs

Q. Why should I hire someone to make travel plans for me when I could do it myself?

A. Maybe you don’t have time to plan your trip. Perhaps you’ve never been to Europe and aren’t sure where to start. The amount of information can be overwhelming! People hire professionals for tasks like lawn care, interior decorating, housecleaning, dog walking, and many other jobs they don’t have the time or skills for, or simply would rather not do do.  They could probably do all these things themselves but time is money and you have to make choices. It can be the same for making travel plans. We save you time, so you can do other things and still have an amazing European vacation.

Q. If I choose to pay $175 per trip day, what is my return on investment?

A. Your return on investment is in 2 parts:

Part 1 - You will save time during the planning process: To organize a trip to Europe with the level of organization and detail provided by Euro Travel Coach, you can plan on spending about 8 hours per travel day if you are going to do all the work yourself. A 10-day trip would therefore take about 80 hours for an average person to plan (including internet and guidebook research, time spent on the phone to European countries, booking time, and double-checking everything). Compare that to spending 2-3 hours on the phone or sharing emails with Euro Travel Coach. For a 10-day trip, that’s about 77 hours of time saved. How much is your time worth per hour?

Part 2 - You will use your time more efficiently during the trip: When a trip is well-organized ahead of time, you won’t waste time getting lost; showing up at the train station and realizing that train doesn’t run on Sundays; fixing errors due to the language barriers during the booking process; or waiting in line for 2 hours for a museum that could have been pre-booked. We estimate that travelers with organized pre-booked itineraries can accomplish 20% more in a day, and don’t forget: you accomplish more in a single day, at a lower stress level, for more enjoyment.

Here’s an Example:

Let’s say your 10-day trip to Europe works out to cost $600/day, including everything except your airfare. Let’s say you have 12 hours per day of “out and about time”, to enjoy, explore, and relax. Each European vacation hour essentially costs $50. A 10-day vacation has 120 vacation hours. Therefore being able to do 20% more because of a well-planned vacation equals 24 hours during the vacation which are spent relaxing and enjoying your European destinations rather than spent problem-solving and stressed in a foreign country. To put a dollar value on it, those 24 hours x $50 per hour is $1200 worth of time that can be used to enjoy Europe instead of lost due to planning issues.

Put your own numbers in to the examples above in 1) and 2) (and take into account that part 2 can be multiplied by the number of people traveling together) to calculate how much you will actually save by having Euro Travel Coach plan your European vacation!

Q. Why should I go on a small group trip with you?

A. We create trips that we would want to go on ourselves. We are passionate about food, wine, culture, beauty, history and everything that makes European travel exciting. These are the elements that we include in our escorted wine tours of Tuscany and Piedmont. We have over 20 years experience leading trips abroad with and the Euro Travel Coach team shares a love for outstanding hospitality. We truly want to take care of every element of your time in Europe and help you make your travel dreams come true!

Q. Do you book airfare?

A. We don't book your airfare for you but we will gladly give you guidance in helping you to select the flights and search for good value.

Q. How far in advance do you need to contact us to make arrangements?

A. This depends a lot on what time of year you want to go and how long you will be traveling.  If you plan to travel to Europe in the summer time, or to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day, for example, contacting us 6 months ahead of time will give you the best chance to reserve your first choice hotels, restaurants and activities.  If you don't have that much lead time, contact us and we will do our best to book a great trip for you or help you with your plans -- you just need to know that some of your favorite spots might already be booked.  If you are going in a slower season, 3-4 months can work.  If you want one on one consultation, you simply need to get on our calendar.   Fees may increase if services are needed 2 months or less before travel.  Please inquire.

Q. How many travelers are included in your fees?

A. We will make arrangements for up to 6 people with the stated fees.  For larger groups, please contact us and we will work up a proposal for you.

Q. Why should I use your services?

A. We want to make sure you have the trip of your dreams and will work hard to help make that happen.  We will save you time and stress and find those special places and experiences that can really make your time in Europe special.  This is what we LOVE to do.  We also will provide advice learned from years of traveling and living in Europe.  We've made lots of mistakes over the years.  You can learn from our mistakes so you don't have to make them yourself!!

Q. This is going to cost money.  Why should I spend more money on something that is already expensive?

A. Let’s face it:  taking a holiday can be expensive!  But a vacation is really an important investment in making memories.  Travel changes your perspective, alters one’s worldview and influences our perception of our future.  Oh yes – and it’s A LOT of FUN!  Like any other investment, you definitely want to spend your money wisely!  It’s a good idea to hire someone who can make sure you do just that!! If you are not experienced in making travel plans you may not know where to look for the best information.  Maybe you're not sure of the passport and visa requirements in different countries or how long you can legally stay there (hint: with a US passport you can stay 90 out of 180 days in most European countries, so you are probably just fine if you're planning to be there a few weeks on vacation).   It’s possible you could make decisions that would not be the best use of your valuable travel budget. A team who has been where you want to go, is interested in doing the research and is willing to take all your preferences, budget, ideas, and dreams and make them into a reality – that is a team you want to hire!  If that group of people can help you spend your travel funds wisely, that is indeed a good investment. 

Q. Do you offer travel insurance?

A. Travel is an investment, so we recommend to all our clients that they purchase insurance for their trips. It can be a lot of work to find a policy that is right for you, so we have partnered with Travel Guard so that our clients can get a quote quickly and easily and purchase great coverage for a reasonable price. You can find more information here. There is no obligation to use Travel Guard - if you’d prefer to work with another provider, then we encourage you to do so!

Q. what if I have questions that haven’t been answered here?

A. Send Betsy an email at She will happily answer any questions you might have about our services, our small group trips and how Euro Travel Coach can help you with your Europe travel plans.