What is Important to Euro Travel Coach?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with unique, memorable, and valuable European travel experiences. We strive to eliminate the hassles of trip planning so that our clients can focus on the food, wine, culture and people of Italy, France, Ireland, the UK and other parts of Europe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support travelers so that they can experience European destinations and all they have to offer as comfortably, conveniently and as safely as possible, and get the most out of their time spent in Europe.

Our Goals

  • Providing excellent customer service and personal attention

  • Creating value for our clients

  • Helping our clients experience destinations like a local

  • Providing our clients with the tools they will need to execute their travel plans

  • Helping travelers understand, enjoy and appreciate all that Europe has to offer

What we do

Betsy and Greg in Vatnajökull icecave

Betsy and Greg in Vatnajökull icecave

We are in the business of helping people travel to Europe. We create custom itineraries for European vacations, provide coaching services to help our clients plan their own trips, and lead small group tours to exceptional destinations in Europe.  As one of our clients, you have access to our expertise in travel, hospitality, logistics and European destinations every step of the way. We work with you personally to design your trip to Europe so that it is exactly what you want it to be.

Collectively we have traveled to more than 40 countries and we have a high level of experience in European countries. For us, planning a trip is part of the fun - but not everyone feels that way. Many people simply don’t have time to find the right hotels, seek out the perfect restaurants, book the museums and shows or pinpoint the trailhead for a fabulous hike. It takes 40-80 hours or more to plan all the details and logistics of a 10-day trip to Europe. Let us do that for you! We would love to create a custom Europe itinerary for you that is specific to you and your travel companions..  

We work with people who have been traveling to Europe all their lives and those who have never traveled abroad. We can handle the trip planning details so all you have to do is pack your suitcase and your passport, and get on the plane. Our trip planning services, including travel coaching and custom itineraries, allow you get the most out of your time traveling in Europe. Our small group trips are carefully curated to give you the very best experiences in some of our favorite parts of Europe including Tuscany, Piedmont and other European destinations. If you join us on one of our small group trips, we can travel along with you to take care of all your travel needs, every step of the way! Our guests love traveling with us — in addition to taking care of you, we can be a lot of fun!

When you choose Euro Travel Coach to help you with your travel plans to Europe, you can be assured that our team is be fully dedicated to serving you to the very best of our ability. We will help you make wonderful memories, and we’re confident you’ll have lots of amazing stories to tell when you return home. We are passionate about sharing the best of Europe with our clients and making your travel dreams come true.