Personal Travel Coaching

Are you loving planning your next European adventure, but would like a little guidance? We can help with that! Let us assist you with fine tuning your Europe travel itinerary.

Château de Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France

Château de Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France

Even for those who love to plan, sifting through the massive amount of information out there on European travel can be overwhelming. Our team of experts is here to help! Perhaps you don’t want full service planning, just solid tailored recommendations and then you can take it from there. Let us put our experience and expertise in European travel to work for you. We can provide trip planning support by email, phone, Skype, Facetime, or What’s App. We offer travel coaching on an hourly basis or over the course of 3 or 7 days by email. Our travel coaching clients have asked us to provide information on everything from hotels and restaurants, to cruise ship excursions, to following in an ancestor’s footsteps. We gear our travel coaching to the needs and desires of each individual client. Let us be your personal travel coach!

We provide personal travel coaching for the places you want to travel in Europe including: Italy, France, the United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland), Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Greece. Additional city and regional locations include but are not limited to: London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Dublin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Bruges, Alsace, Berlin and Budapest.

One Hour Travel Coaching Session

This service is perfect for those that enjoy planning and have time to work out the details of your travels, but have questions about a few specific aspects of your trip. Perhaps you:

  • Have questions about renting a car to explore Tuscany

  • Would like a few restaurant recommendations in Paris

  • Need help deciding where to go in Italy and how much time to spend in each destination.

  • Would like to know the best way to get from one destination to another

  • Are having trouble deciding which museums to visit in Florence during a brief trip

Let's talk! Here's how it works:

  • Fill out the questionnaire so we can learn more about you and your travel style

  • We will contact you by email to set up an appointment at a time that's convenient for you.

  • A member of our team will contact you via phone, Skype or FaceTime.

  • We will spend an hour discussing your expectations, your dreams, your budget and how you can make your dream trip to Europe a reality.

$100, paid up front 

Extended Travel Coaching by Email

This service is ideal for travelers who would like a bit more guidance and support during the trip planning process. The Extended Coaching service offers unlimited access to the Euro Travel Coach team via email for a specified amount of time. We can help you:

  • Map out your trip from start to finish

  • Recommend restaurants in each city you visit

  • Provide lodging suggestions for your trip

  • Research special activities such as a cooking class or wine tasting

Here's how it works:

  • Fill out the questionnaire so we can learn more about you and your travel style

  • We will contact you by email to reserve dates for your coaching session.

  • During the dates you reserved, you can email us with questions at any time and we will respond within 24 hours (usually much sooner) with a detailed answer.

  • We will have no other coaching clients during your reserved time, so you will have our full attention. We will help make your travel dreams a reality!

$300 for a 3-day session, paid up front
$500 for a 7-day session, paid up front






Guided Tours


3-day coaching

7- day coaching



$175 per trip day

$300+ per trip day

Contact us for a quote

Personal and comprehensive guidance on where to go, what to see & do and pace of the itinerary

Unlimited travel guidance











Written daily itinerary (as pdf and app)

Itinerary includes VIP experiences*

Custom itinerary for 6+ people

Multiple daily itineraries for those in the group with different interests

Euro Travel Coach Team organizes, books and leads the trip. We take care of your group 24/7.

*VIP Services may include things like chartered yacht trips, multiple high end experiences (e.g. helicopter rides), private chef or butler services for your holiday rental, multiple private classes (e.g. cooking, yoga, foraging, fishing), etc.

A friend and I went to England and Ireland over spring break of 2015. Neither of us had ever been out of the US before and were a tad nervous. Fortunately we talked to Greg and Betsy Ball of Euro Travel Coach. They were fantastic! They had advice on everything from figuring out how to convert Euros and Pounds to US dollars, to using the London subway, to selecting the best accommodations for our needs. The apartment we stayed in in Galway, Ireland was on par with anything we would have had in the US...and so affordable! Betsy, in particular, was so helpful in knowing we were on a budget and guiding us to make the most of our money while still considering our wants. I highly recommend The Travel Coach with Greg and Betsy Ball. They won’t steer you wrong!
— Julie Freed
Brussels’ Grand Place

Brussels’ Grand Place