Why Use Our European Trip Planning Services?


You want to go to Europe, but don’t have time to plan or don’t know where to start

You’ve traveled before and you know how much work it is to do the research, book all the arrangements and make sure all the pieces are in place (we estimate 40-80 hours of your precious time!). You want your travel throughout Europe to go as smoothly as possible and you want each experience to be amazing.  The pace needs to be right, the activities need to be engaging, the museums should be enriching and the food must be spectacular.  Use our European travel planning services and let us take care of it!  We want to make your trip everything that you want it to be….and more!

You want an expert to handle the many details

You’d like to have a helping hand who knows the ins and outs Europe and will recommend where to go, and what to see, what to eat, and where to stay. Greg and Betsy travel throughout Europe for 9 months of the year and have been planning trips for individuals and groups for over 25 years.  Chelsea has lived in Europe for 3 years as an expat and travels regularly throughout the continent and the UK. We don’t just know Europe, we are passionate about European travel. We know the best restaurants and wineries, and the most interesting museums and experiences, and the various cultural nuances, We can help you easily overcome the challenges of European travel by sharing our expertise with you.  The Euro Travel Coach Team understands and listens to your specific needs and desires for your vacation and we are here to take care of the details so you can relax and fully enjoy your trip to Europe.

Northern Lights at Holmen Husky Lodge in Alta, Norway

Northern Lights at Holmen Husky Lodge in Alta, Norway

You want an advisor who has YOUR best interests in mind

When we work with our clients to create an itinerary, we are not making our recommendations based on our ability to earn a commission. This is different than other travel agents who need to earn a profit on each booking. We are destination experts and charge a fee for what we do. We believe this helps us do a better job creating a custom travel agenda that is specific to you and your travel companions. We are able to look for the perfect lodging, restaurants, transportation and activities for each client based on their individual needs and interests. We recommend the very best travel solutions for you, not the best solutions based only upon a portfolio of commission-earning options for us. We find this puts us in the best position to create the very best travel itineraries for our clients.

You want a balanced itinerary

You don’t want your vacation to be stressful. You want balance in your schedule so you see as much as you are able, while traveling at a pace that allows you to truly soak it all in. When we first started traveling in Europe, we made the mistake of trying to fit so much into each day that we were’t able to really focus on and appreciate each unique place we visited. Now we know how to create a perfectly balanced itinerary so that you can see everything you’d like to see, while having time to soak it all in…after all, you don’t want to need a vacation from your vacation when you return home!

You want to see, hear, smell, taste, learn, and do

Perhaps you’d like to spend quality time gazing at Michelangelo’s David in the Accademia in Florence, Italy.  Listen to the voices of passionate food vendors in a market in Provence.. Taste the most buttery, flakey croissant fresh from a boulangerie in Paris. Experience mind blowing Rieslings on an escorted wine tour of the Mosel valley. Dine at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Copenhagen. Cruise on a fjord in Norway. Visit the Tower of London and learn about William the Conqueror and Henry VIII (and his six wives!). Breath in the fresh seaside air as you hike along the Cliffs of Moher. Enjoy a ruin bar crawl in Budapest. Go canyoning in the Azores. We can make it all happen…and so much more.

You don’t want to be crushed with information

We get it!  There is SO much information available to us these days.  We have the world at our fingertips but it can be completely overwhelming to sift through all your resources, and try to choose the very best locations, accommodations, restaurants, activities and transportation.  Information overload is real.  Let Euro Travel Coach sift through all the options and do the research for you.  Use our European travel planning services to create an itinerary that allows you to focus on those things that will be the most memorable for you and the people you are traveling with.

You want the process to be simple

When you use our European travel planning services, you receive an detailed itinerary for each day of travel including all the important contact information you need, which can be accessed via app (or printed prior to travel). You’ll have all of the details of your trip right at your fingertips.  We make the planning process simple: we ask you question about your travel style and your hopes and dreams for your trip, and then we take care of the rest. Then, while you are traveling, you can focus on making memories, rather than worrying about all the logistics. We check and double check all your reservations and plans to ensure that there are no hiccups during your time abroad.

Would you like to see what a written itinerary looks like?  You can see a sample itineraries here. Be sure to view the pdf!

Your trip to Europe should be about creating memories that you will treasure and share for a lifetime.  You will end up having great stories to tell!  Euro Travel Coach can put you in the right place at the right time and you will return home with many stories to tell about your European adventures!

Svartifoss in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

Svartifoss in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

Euro Travel Coach Planning Services

Euro Travel Coach offers 3 types of service AND guided tours

  • Coaching: You plan your own trip, with the ETC Team’s coaching

  • Sapphire Trip Planning: We’ll plan and book a European trip for you for up to 5 additional travelers

  • Diamond Trip Planning We’ll plan and book European trip for you that includes VIP experiences, more than 6 people traveling, or incorporates multiple itineraries (e.g. a family trip where different generations are interested in different activities).

  • Guided Tours:  ETC organizes, books and escorts your group of travelers on your selected dates to the exciting European destination.of your choosing.

After we have a chance to talk with you and understand your interests and priorities, we’ll plan and book your perfect European vacation and equip you with a detailed written itinerary that you will using throughout your trip.

What you actually get, though, is not just an amazing trip to Europe.  It’s also much more than a simple, yet detailed and well-planned itinerary.  What you really come home with are the memories of great personal experiences from your time in Europe.  You will have unique stories about how you connected with the locals and immersed yourself in the culture of each place you visited.  We are not able to tell you now what stories you will come home with, and we aren’t able to plan those for you.  They will be uniquely yours.  What we can do is guide you in the process so you know where to go and what to do in each place.  That will put you in the right place at the right time for special and unique experiences that you might not even be able to imagine yet. You will have amazing stories to tell when you get home!

 Are you ready to move on to the next step? Contact us today.

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