Personalized Custom Itineraries - Ireland

Let us plan your ideal Irish vacation.

Happy sheep in the Irish countryside

Happy sheep in the Irish countryside

Let us craft your custom itinerary for Ireland

Ireland is an incredible country filled with gorgeous countryside, dramatic sea cliffs, excellent beer and whiskey, and beautiful traditional music. Many people dream of traveling to experience Ireland for themselves, but the nitty gritty of planning a trip to Ireland can be time consuming and overwhelming. We estimate that to do it yourself, it takes about 80 hours to plan a 10 day trip with the level of organization and detail provided by Euro Travel Coach. This includes all your internet and guidebook research, time spent emailing accommodations, restaurants and guides, booking time, and double-checking everything. That’s where the Euro Travel Coach team comes in! We will work with you to create the Irish vacation of your dreams. Want to attend pub sessions? Walk along the cliffs of Moher? Drive along the Ring of Kerry? Explore historic castles? We’ll listen carefully to your hopes and desires for your trip and then put together a completely customized, day=by-day itinerary for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the questionnaire so that we can learn more about you and your travel style

  • We'll contact you by email and set up a phone consultation to discuss your plans and your goals for the trip

  • We'll create a custom, day by day itinerary that's unique to you with all the details you'll need in order to book the trip of your dreams. It's essentially a personalized guide book with only the information that's relevant to you.

  • You'll review the itinerary and let us know if there are any edits you'd like us to make

  • Based on the level of service you’ve selected you will either make the reservations yourself based on the itinerary we provide (Custom Itinerary Planning), or we will make all of your bookings on your behalf (Custom Itinerary Plus)

  • You will have an incredible Irish holiday!


Diamond Custom Itinerary: $300+ per travel day

Sapphire Custom Itinerary Planning: $175 per travel day